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DESIGN ONE was founded in 2014 and started operating as The KITCHEN showroom. Following the concept of continuous development and upgrade strategy and striving for integration of creative processes, the company created the innovative project of the new and unique design space.
Having inherited the concept of The KITCHEN, DESIGN ONE preserves its strength of the space that contains the best model kitchens made by the leading international manufacturers like Leicht and Valcucine. Kitchen in modern interior design is the starting point for any project. Therefore, preservation of the kitchen as the priority element is an undisputable strength of DESIGN ONE. The company also moves from the model of the specialized kitchen furniture salon toward the new multifunctional project.
DESIGN ONE strengthens range of its offers with furniture and lighting fixtures of the innovative European brands - Flos, Moroso, Living Divani, Laura Meroni. The company established new sections such as the Lighting Design, contracts division that deals with supplies for commercial facilities.
The mission of DESIGN ONE today is not just to provide interior setting but inspire a functional dream and provide all necessary conditions to make it come true.
DESIGN ONE becomes the center, “the assemblage point” for an intercultural dialogue, new types of communication and innovative design projects. Our task is to ensure perfect combination of the finest materials, unique ideas and talented individuals.
From the designer’s viewpoint, DESIGN ONE is “a designer’s lodge”, a sacred place to generate innovative ideas and design modern interior. For an architect or a designer, it is highly beneficial to get into DESIGN ONE’s circle. DESIGN ONE provides a designer with a trial access to unique working materials, information and education support through its media channels and social networks as well as professional events (architectural, construction, design training courses, workshops etc.), publishes and promotes authors’ portfolios and implemented project cases.
From the customer’s viewpoint, DESIGN ONE is not only a benchmark for vibrant furniture and accessories but also a chance to join the club of the like-minded individuals who gather together at DESIGN ONE events to get inspiration and share information, experience, views and opinions. This is a platform for growth and development, as this is the place for free and equal dialogue with professionals and for solidarity partnerships to implement the innovative ideas.
At DESIGN ONE both designers and customers achieve their principal goals. The designers benefit from the established process of getting new customers. The customers get the living space that becomes source of their pride mainly because they see the evidence of their creative realization that is proven and confirmed by professionals.

DESIGN ONE carries out project management and ensures communication processes:
- provides access to the showcase furniture, accessories, upholstery materials as well as factory catalogs;
- gives complete information on manufacturers, advice on and sale of their products based on the project objectives communicated by the customer or the designer;
- moderates creative collaboration and events;
- advises potential customers on the most suitable contractors and vice versa, gives recommendations to professionals on the projects in accordance with the assigned tasks;
- provides media support, information about trends and reputable views;
- provides orders filing, logistics support, customs broker services, materials and furniture assembly etc.
Professional management of DESIGN ONE inspires trust among professionals.

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